Web Design and Development

Our Web design process starts with a deep understanding of the people who are going to use the site and our client's goal. Our design objective include user experience, repeat visits and converting user s into buyers in case an E-Comerce elements are included in the web site. Our designs range from simple to highly-customized, depending on client needs. We stress attention to detail, ease of navigation. We possess all the technical skills necessary to implement a wide range of web sites from small informational sites to complex sites with e-commerce, database transactions, video, audio, and animation.

Our Web design and implementation process include :

  1. Initial Client Consultation : We provide a free, no obligation consultation meeting with prospective clients to fully understand their needs. We prepare a Statement Of Requirements and follow-up the consultation meeting with a fixed price quote.
  2. Engagement Contract: We contract with each client on a fixed price basis using our standard contract.
  3. Project Planning : We work on a highly interactive basis with clients to clearly understand their business requirements and competition to develop a flawless plan.
  4. Domain Name Registration : We obtain the unique "yourname.com" or "yourname.co.uk", or any other foreign, identifier for clients’ sites.
  5. Design : Subject to client requirements and our assessment of competitive web sites, we design new web sites and obtain client approvals before implementation.
  6. Website Development : Armed with client approved designs, we use either the client’s graphics, images and text or create them ourselves. We scan images as required and develop all the unique software. Every web page contains a clickable user-friendly navigation scheme.
  7. Quality Assurance very Web site we develop undergoes exhaustive testing including validation of all HTML code. We encourage clients to participate in the testing process.
  8. Web Site Publishing : We publish new Web sites on the Internet through the clients ISP or through our exclusive hosting partners.
  9. Web Site Announcements : Client's Web sites are submitted to the most popular search engines: including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and we select from nearly 400 additional search engines and directories to find the one most related to the client's business.
  10. On-Going Maintenance : We provide maintenance services after site completion at a nominal fee.

Web Development :

We use mix of technologies like Ajax, Jquery ,CSS, Flash, PHP, .Net, XML, XHTML to build hight quality Fornt-end pages and well as optimized and secure database tehnologiens ( SQL,MySql ) Back-end engines that empower the site

  • Usability
  • Front-end functionality
  • Back-end Developmen
  • Responsive website development
  • HTML5 development
  • Jquery/AJAX application development
  • Microsites
  • Secure Portal Development